Effortlessly Quantify Value and Willingness to Pay

Managers routinely underestimate the value of their new products and services by 100% or more! How do we know? Experience. With dozens of iSight implementations behind us, and a 94.7% success rate, one thing is clear: Firms leave millions in profits on the table because they don’t understand their customers’ value drivers and willingness to pay. 

iSight is a an intelligence gathering process implemented by your own sales team that unites the efforts of R&D, Marketing, Pricing, Sales and Customers themselves to determine your best prospects, what they want and what they are willing to pay.

Each implementation is tailored to the requirements of the client's situation and business.  Click below to have one of our team contact you.

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iSight provides new product and service managers with the essential information they need to make good decisions from conception to implementation.