The SABRE Challenge and SABRE Simulation


The SABRE Simulation has been adopted as the final exam in the Marketing Strategy class in Wharton Business School's top ranked MBA program.


The SABRE Challenge is our proprietary configuration of the simulation, focused on testing your capabilities in market analysis, new offering design, pricing and launch strategy.  SABRE replicates real market conditions and objectively assesses your applied learnings in a competitive, virtual reality environment. The SABRE Challenge lets you learn from your mistakes before you risk real dollars in the real world.

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SABRE Challenge Action Learning Experience

$949 p/p

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  • Test Your New Offering Skills in Virtual Reality
  • Compete Against Wharton MBAs
  • Learn from Your Mistakes Before Risking Real $$$
  • Apply State-of-the Art Tools like Conjoint and Perceptual Maps
  • Test Alternative Strategies
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Valuing & Pricing New Offerings Mini Course Plus the SABRE Challenge

$1295 p/p

Early Adopter Discounts Available at Checkout

  • All the Benefits of the Challenge plus
  • 5 Key Benefits of Value Based Pricing (VBP) for New Offerings
  • 7 Essential VBP Interventions from Conception to Implementation
  • More Robust Business Cases
  • Discover Willingness to Pay
  • Value Based Offering Design
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Action Learning Designed to Deliver Results

  • Identify Target Markets
  • Evaluate Competitive Threats
  • Discover Value Drivers
  • Strengthen Business Cases
  • Configure Offerings
  • Optimize Launch Strategy
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