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New & Upgraded Products and Services

Valuing and pricing innovation is one of the most powerful drivers of sustained  and exceptional financial performance. Cutting edge tools can make it happen.

  • ID Real & Perceived Value
  • Design Valuable Offerings
  • Optimize Launch Strategy
  • Integrate R&D, Marketing, Pricing and Sales Efforts
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Profitable Technology Services Pricing

Professional services, managed services and tech support can all represent sizable, untapped revenue & profit potential.

  • Reduce Discounting
  • Fix Low Profit Customers
  • Structure Offerings to Force Value/Price Tradeoffs
  • Transition to Value Pricing
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Potent Sales & Negotiation Strategies

Cutting edge processes and tools can create a step change in sales effectiveness, often with little change in effort. 

  • ID and Target 10% of Customers for 90% Results
  • Discover Willingness to Pay in $$$ of Individual Buyers
  • Empower Sales to Protect Margins in Negotiations
  • Energize sales with targeting and incentives
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About Tim Matanovich

As a consultant, Tim has worked with leading companies on five continents to lead strategic initiatives and develop strategic marketing and pricing capabilities.  His clients include GE, DuPont, Microsoft, Cisco, Nikon, PPG, Ericsson, VHA, and Bayer. His specialty is large ticket B2B products and services, typically with long, complex sales cycles. 

Tim’s book, Profitable Technology Services Pricing, has been endorsed by 20 business and academic leaders.

Tim was the Vice President of Strategic Pricing and Value at The TriZetto Group, a $500M growth company providing IT solutions in healthcare, where he drove double digit profit growth and won awards  for his leadership in developing and launching new offerings. He also led initiatives in value research, performance measurement, sales compensation and business planning. 

Tim has been an adjunct faculty member with the Institute for Study of Business Markets at Penn State, the Center for Services Leadership at Arizona State, the American Marketing Association and at TSIA. Tim received his MBA from the University of Michigan, and currently lives west of Denver

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